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To Help Meet Costs of EXPO 2012

the organizers turn to the corporate community for support. In return the Secretariat will help strengthen corporate branding and image development in association with the green era and a future world of spectacular and imaginative consumer inventions.

EXPO 2012 will present a dynamic and emotional story radiating powerful core values shared by both Salt River and Arizona peoples -- who are making great contributions to society, are prospering, and working to positively transform lives in America and around the world.

Throughout this story there are many opportunities for unique and powerful brand messaging across a variety of sponsored areas.

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Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

The Secretariat will work closely with each corporate sponsor’s public relations representatives to develop a specially designed marketing program for the EXPO, providing the corporate sponsor with broad and distinguished recognition, which would include a preview center or sales platform to showcase their goods and services. Dollar amounts depicted below are estimated sponsorship values only, which can consist of a combination of cash support, in-kind staff or services, existing exhibits, displays, or other forms of tangible contributions. Every sponsorship plan can be tailored to each prospective sponsor’s interests, capabilities and needs. This will be negotiated by the Secretariat to provide an affordable and flexible plan. Additional opportunities could be available in the Akimel 7 development program.

In spite of today’s tough economic challenges, we have faced harder times and have come out on top. Salt River and Arizona’s history is that of industrious, innovative and indomitable peoples. That is who we are and why we will make a difference in leading our mutual communities. Together we can build the recovery and emerge as an economic giant in this country. We can do it and we owe it to ourselves, our children, and our children’s children –just as our ancestors made it through for us. That is our future, our destiny. EXPO 2012 is a symbol of this goal.


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