Arizona's 100th Anniversary Centennial
EXPO 2012
Expo 2012 Attractions
Solanna Pima Group

Rules and Regulations





Table of Contents


Themed Development & Show Content:

Special Regulation concerning the Definition of the Theme of Expo

Guidelines for the Development & Application of the Theme by the Alignment of Participation


Participation & Participation Cost:

Provisions on Financial Assistance for Participants

Participation Contract

Provisions on Forms & Events

Provision of Official Participantís Vehicles Entering, Exiting, or Parking at the EXPO

Accommodations for Participation

Special Regulations concerning Commercial Activities by Official Participantís

Information on Storage Service for Official Participants

Regulations on Corporate Participants



Support from the Organizer: Solanna Heartland

Rules of the Functioning of the Steering Committee of Secretariat

Commissioner General

Executive Producers

Bureau of EXPO Coordinator

Privileges and Advantages of the Commissioners General of Section and their Staff


Special Regulations concerning Construction, Installation, Workplace Safety, Fire Prevention, & Environmental Protection

Site Plan Layout & Compliance: Location of Exhibition Sites

Financial Security Instrument: Installation, Operations, Dismantling & Removal

On Time Completion: Guidelines & Financial Surety

Regulations concerning Installation and Operation of Machinery and Equipment

Liabilities for Environmental Protection

Plots, Pavilions and Covered Exhibition on Spaces; Design Parameters

Construction Supervision & On-site Inspections




Site Management & Services: Landscaping, Gardening, Garbage Collection & Disposal

Provisions on Plant Maintenance & Water Use

Provisions on Sanitations & Public Health


Commercial Regulations

Confirmation & Examination of Commercial Operation:

Handling on Sales Income

Business Licensing

Income Reporting & Payment of Royalties


Compliance with Regulations of SRPMIC

Mandatory Orientation for Participations

Office of General Counsel

List of Permits to be secured from other jurisdictions


Logo, Symbols and Signage

Commercial Advertising & Use of EXPO Name

Directional Signage on the EXPO Site

Permission for Use of EXPO Logo & Symbols by Official Participates & Application Forms




General Services


Intellectual Property Rights


Special Regulations concerning Admissions:


Compliance with Laws & Regulations of Operating Hours

Ticket Sales & Treasury

Entrances & Exits




EXPO Worker: Rules & Passes & Uniforms

Hiring Participants & Management Responsibilities

Official Notifications

Provision Employment of Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

Drug & Criminal Screening





Training & Orientation


Provisions on Water Supply Equipment: (self-built Pavilions) Water Inlets & Outlets & Point of Contact

Exposition Site Lighting

Pavilion Type & Architectural Design Standard: Secretariat Sponsors, Self-Built Common Area Exhibits, & Food Courts

Power to Site

Provisions on Approval Procedures for Construction (for Self-Built Pavilions)

Provisions on Queuing Areas (for Self-Built Pavilions)


Regulations on IT & Telecommunications

Assistance to Local & Overseas Media

Radio Management during the Running of the EXPO 2012

Wireless Network Installation: Data Devices


Approval of Merchandise for Sale


Overseas Cargo Transportation


Security Services & Safety Procedures

Fire & Fire Prevention

First Aid & Medical Emergencies

Police & Crowd Control

Emergency Plan: Natural Disaster (Flood, Windstorm)

Lost & Found


Pavilion Operations Guide:

Hosts, Guides & Guidebooks

Operating Hours

Provisions on queuing Areas


Shuttle Service & Public Transportation to EXPO

Licensed Vehicles and Insurance

Parking Faculties, Barricading, and Traffic Plan


Awards Program


Technology Demonstration


Special Events



Special Provisions and Events & Forums

Crowd Control

Noise Control

Signs and Banners along Premises

Alcoholic Beverages

Additional Special Facilities: Soundstages, etc.


Provisions for Revising Approval Procedures of Architecture and Show

Conformity of Exhibits

Conformity with Theme

Conformity with Construction Standards


Provisions for Concessions



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