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Salt River Pima - Maricopa Indian Community

Salt River Pima - Maricopa Indian Map

Innovative, Industrious, Indomitable ...

these are inseparable concepts and historical traits of the Pima-Maricopa Peoples. A society of “thought leaders” driven by their time tested struggle against the harsh desert forces of nature doing more with less, siding with complex and daring risks, and leading this tribal nation’s future as one built on innovation. This is historically exemplified through Salt River’s sophisticated gravity based canal systems created a thousand years ago. This enabled the building of successful agricultural practices and impressive villages. It implemented the trading of products and goods, connecting peoples across vast networks, protecting armies and forging bonds, and caring about the tribe’s people for present and future generations.

During the course of centuries, thanks to its geographic location, Salt River’s commercial corridor today finds itself positioned next to one of America’s fast-growing economies driven by modern technology and creative thinking. Combined with Salt River’s increasing economic sophistication & modern industrial base, the Community welcomes innovation as its hallmark for charting the future.

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