Arizona's 100th Anniversary Centennial
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Nature’s Wisdom & The Future

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February 14, 2012 commemorates the 100th anniversary of Arizona statehood.

In honor of the State’s 2012 Centennial, The Solanna Pima Group - a Salt River American Indian member-owned economic development and land advisory/investment firm, proposes to establish a 10-month long World’s Fair styled EXPO on its property at Salt River, as a 100 year tribute to the people of Arizona. The Fair’s theme will be “Nature’s Wisdom” and “The Future”. The Fair is designed as a symbolic portal to the next 100 years and recognition of the significantly intertwined legacy of both Salt River and Arizona as innovative, industrious, and indomitable.

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Everyone who is successful must have dreamed of something.” - Maricopa Proverb

The Fair’s mission is to imprint a message of hope and inspiration to future generations of this metropolitan region. It will be characterized by the emergence of bold and innovative entrepreneurship, well-founded economic vitality, and a wealth of diverse and engaging social activities and happenings. The EXPO will be housed in an attractive and visually striking environment. Key ideals are safe and healthy quality of life, and a Community proudly embedded with the highest social and ethical mores.

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