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Akimel 7

Akimel 7 Artist Concept
AKIMEL 7 ARTIST CONCEPT Several site plan configurations are under study: the wheel plan, central plaza, and spinal axis plan. The illustrated wheel plan shows what the EXPO site and 640-acre land area can become over the next 15 years. A significant EXPO accomplishment will be to position Salt River and its surrounding communities for a sustainable economy in years ahead that realizes the products and technologies showcased at EXPO 2012.


The 2012 EXPO site is uniquely situated in one of the most valuable land holdings in the American Southwest. Located at the edge of Scottsdale, Arizona this 640 acre land holding represents the newest economic development section in Salt River’s commercial corridor--the “Southern Gateway”. Major landowners in the section--spearheaded by the Solanna group, have envisioned the section’s development as a world-class center of commerce and regional entertainment destination. The section has a development potential of up to $2 billion dollars achievable by leasing lands to private developers under a unified master plan, with multiple investment partnerships to realize the products and technologies showcased at EXPO 2012.

Tentatively named “Akimel 7”,

the concept behind this future master-planned center is symbolic of the “Akimel Au-Authm” river peoples. It is driven by the wisdom of seven generations and inspires people of the world to build bridges that foster 22nd Century industrial imagination and commerce in a unique location. It advocates treating the land with special reverence and genuine commitment to long-term environmental sustainability. EXPO 2012 is designed in great part as the precursor to this symbol.

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