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Director - General, David Fordon

David Fordon is General Manager & CEO of the Solanna Group – a Native American Economic Development, Land investment & Asset Management Company. Prior to Solanna, Mr. Fordon served as President of Devco – Salt River’s Property & Asset Management Company that was awarded 1st place prize in 2004 by the International Property Federation for the Pima commercial corridor master plan of ecological and cultural distinction –called Generation Seven. Mr. Fordon was a former International Relations Coordinator in Japan specializing in Far East & transpacific joint-ventures promoting economic development, trade and investment. Mr. Fordon brought his experience to Washington State as International Business Manager for the Central Puget Sound Economic Development district under the US Department of Commerce and served as an Economic Development Ambassador overseas. While in Washington Mr. Fordon became Economic Director for several Northwest tribes specializing in Native American economic initiatives advancing sovereignty. An ocean architect by training, Mr. Fordon worked for Westinghouse-Tenneco designing offshore energy platforms and in Japan --space launch systems and floating cities. He went on to design attractions for Walt Disney’s Living Seas Pavilion at EPCOT, Tokyo Disney Seas, and the Washington State Pavilion for Canada EXPO ’86 including Marine Events program. Mr. Fordon also assisted to develop the first Solar Plan for Washington State’s Energy Office and the Energy Conservation Program for the Washington Cities & Towns Association.

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